An overview of Beasley Allen’s practice areas and the kinds of cases we are currently taking.

Business Litigation

When business disputes occur between a business and an individual or between two business entities, resolution without resorting to business litigation will usually be preferable for everyone involved. In cases where that just isn’t possible, a good business litigation attorney can be invaluable in protecting your rights and your company’s business interests. Business litigation cases we handle include Antitrust, Business Interruption Insurance, Commercial Disputes, Intellectual Property, Pharmaceutical Pricing and States & Municipalities.

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Consumer Protection

Consumer protection issues fall under the area of law known as Consumer Fraud. These involve cases that address economic losses related to security breaches like data breaches, or defective products. An issue that often affects consumer protections cases is arbitration, a clause often buried in the fine print of contracts and agreements entered into by consumers in order to receive products or services. These clauses force consumers to forfeit their right to seek legal help through the court system, forcing them to take their complaints to a private arbitrator of the company’s choosing, which leaves consumers at the company’s mercy when it comes to settling disputes. Some Consumer Protection cases we handle include Class Actions, Insurance Disputes and Pension Plan.

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Defective Products

According to the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC), deaths, injuries and property damage from consumer product incidents costs more than $700 billion each year. Most of these injuries could be avoided if the distributor or manufacturer of these products took additional steps to ensure the safety of its consumers. When individuals are harmed, injured or killed by an unsafe, or defective, product, they may have a cause of action against the manufacturer, supplier, distributor or retailer of that product. Some of the product liability cases we handle include Defective Airbags, Defective Tires, E-Cigarette Explosions, Heavy Truck Defects, JUUL Vaping Devices, On-the-Job Injuries and Talcum Powder.

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Employment Law

Employment law is a complex practice covering the rights, obligations, and responsibilities of an employer and its employees. Numerous federal and state laws, regulations, and judicial precedent all inform the employer-employee relationship and define the rights and responsibilities of each. At Beasley Allen, our lawyers truly are committed to helping others by seeking justice and fair compensation on their behalf for injuries and injustices suffered in the workplace. Cases we are currently working on include Fair Labor Standards Act, Sexual Harassment, Whistleblower, Workplace Discrimination and Workplace Retaliation.

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Medical Devices

Medical devices may range from simple instruments such as tongue depressors and thermometers to retail or prescribed devices such as blood sugar meters and surgically implanted devices like artificial hips and surgical mesh. Our team of experienced attorneys represent victims with a wide range of injuries against many different companies that manufacture and market defective medical devices. All too often we find that the top priority of device makers is profit, not patient health. Cases we are currently working on in this practice area include Bone Cement, Hip Replacements, Knee Replacements and Physiomesh.

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Medication must go through many tests and clinical trials before being approved for use, but often serious health risks don’t become apparent until after a drug has been aggressively marketed and prescribed to millions of patients. Often, drug companies are aware of the risks but instead of warning consumers, they put profits over patients. All too often we find that the top priority of drug makers is profit, not patient health. Rather than readily investigate potential safety problems, they are slow to examine and even slower to admit a drug is defective or dangerous. Our attorneys are privileged to represent individuals harmed by the pharmaceutical industry. Cases we are currently working include Belviq Cancer, Proton Pump Inhibitors and Zantac Cancer.

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Serious Injuries

A serious injury occurs when a person has suffered some form of injury to the body, either physical or psychological. Usually these claims also assert that the person’s injury has been caused by the negligent or wanton conduct of another. When considering a personal injury attorney, experience and a proven track record are critical to a successful case. Beasley Allen has acquired the reputation of being one of the most successful personal injury and product liability law firms in the country. Our personal injury attorneys have built a national reputation in handling these types of cases with exceptional skill, diligence and success. Serious injury cases we handle include Truck Accidents, Auto Crashworthiness, Aviation Accidents, Heavy Equipment Injuries, Negligence, Negligent Security, Premises Liability, Sexual Abuse and Single Vehicle Accidents.

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Toxic Exposure

Toxic chemical exposure may occur over a long period of time at low doses, or serious injury may occur in a single incident involving a high concentration of chemicals or other toxins. We are especially concerned about severe lung injury or lung disease resulting from chemical or other toxic exposure, or a cancer diagnosis related to toxic exposure. This may occur in the workplace or as a result of environmental exposure from hazardous chemicals. Toxic exposure can cause devastating health effects and leave victims with mounting medical bills, and Beasley Allen aims to hold those responsible for toxic exposure accountable. Some toxic exposure cases we handle Benzene, Environmental Exposures, Roundup, Mesothelioma and Water Contaminations.

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